Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pity Party of One

I jinxed myself the other day - My friend said that the night before her daughter cried so much before bed that she threw up all over the place and she remembered that we went through that with J and wanted to know what we did about it. Yes...we did - it was over a month ago and this little "phase" of J's lasted about a week - working herself up at bedtime and then was a looovely time in our household (she did it to her grandparents too). This was when my pediatrician famously told me "she's pissed at you" (thanks, doc!) I told my friend that it's just a phase and to just be kind of strict about it - don't coddle too much - all the books I read told me you don't want to encourage this behavior after all...

And then what happens last night? I give J her bottle in the glider (best invention ever - with or without a kid) she starts to close her eyes, I place her in her crib - this has been our routine for months...I go into the kitchen to get dinner started and she's wimpering a little - I'm trying to defrost some shrimp - maybe I let her whimper for THREE minutes...if that long, and I go in and she has puked all over her crib - I pick her up - and projectile all over me, the floor, and the wall! My husband who is supposed to be training for the NYC Triathlon was planning on going to the gym last night...not happening - I call him, text him, call him, text him...finally he calls back (he was on the subway, not avoiding my calls) and I tell him there's a situation.

He walks in the door and I give him J and start cleaning up - he's a great daddy and husband and keeps asking me what he can do (although sometimes I wish he didn't ask what he can do - but just actually did it). And I go on a rant about how I will take care of everything and this is really my fault because I feel the need to take care of J all day, put her to bed, clean up the house (so it looks like adults actually live here) and get dinner on the table so the two of us can have a nice meal. I don't know what it is in me that feels like I have to do everything and be everything to everyone...Most days I handle it all with a calmness but not tonight...Welcome to my Pity Party!

Thankfully, he got the hint and left me alone - he put the baby to bed (with no problems - she was probably pretty tired from all the puking) and let me relish in my own pity. It's not a pretty thing feeling sorry for yourself. And over dinner, my husband said to me "I get it - you need someone to blame and that someone was me - don't worry I forgive you." Although I never did apologize for losing my temper and I guess he just got it...

I'm glad I waited until tonight to write this post - J went to bed without a hitch, Mike is at the gym, dinner is in the oven and I have some downtime...

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  1. We all feel that no matter what our situation. It's a mommy thing. Someone once said something very wise: Good enough is enough!