Sunday, January 24, 2010

Being Sick Takes on a Whole New Meaning

I remember a time, not too long ago, when being sick and staying home meant 6 things:

1. I stayed in my "sick pants" all day

2. I didn't wear a bra

3. I laid on the couch all day

4. I watched dumb tv or movies

5. People (like my parents, husband and friends) felt bad for me and asked how I was

6. I bitched about being sick until I got better

This week marked the first time that J and I were sick together. Being sick took on a whole new meaning.

1. I had to change out of my sick pants because J vomitted all over them

2. I had to wear a bra because after J vomitted all over me, I found myself cleaning her up and changing her while I was naked- new sick panys and bra were then put on

3. I couldn't lay on the couch all day because J was crawling around and I should probably keep an eye on her

4. I tried to watch tv, but really...chasing her around doesn't allow for much tv time

5. I got many calls...all asking how J was feeling...really?!?!

6. I couldn't bitch - my poor baby was just as sick as I was (probably sicker)

The new meaning of sick days...

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