Friday, May 1, 2009

Being a Mother is Just Like High School

It's the first real beautiful day and I'm definitely starting to get stir crazy sitting in the house with my newborn daughter. I mean don't get me wrong, she's beautiful and I can sit and watch her sleep - but there's only so much "talking" I can do with noon talking back. It makes you start to question your sanity.
So I decide to venture to the local park. Now I know that since my daughter is going to sit in her stroller -it's more of an outing for me. I walk over there with very hig expectations. (My husband is always telling me to manage my expectations) - I'm thinking "this is going to be great, I'll meet some new moms....I'll get some sun..."
I get to the park - as I'm walking in I can feel the other moms staring at me (maybe it was my imagination - but it really felt like that). I start thinking - Is my daughter dressed cute enough? Is my stroller nice enough? Do I still look 6 months pregnant? I start looking around and it seems like everyone knows each other...
There's a section of nannies all talking and laughing together, a section of mommies by the swings - all talking, a section of mommies on the monkey bars - all talking. And me...I don't know a single person I park myself on a bench with my stroller and my book, put on my sunglasses, and do what anyone else in this situation would do...I called my husband and CRIED.
It felt like the first day of high school - but not the first day where you know kids from Junior High - the first day being a transfer student...the cliques were already formed and you have to find where you belong and how to get into a group you like...

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