Thursday, June 6, 2013

Juice fail.

Shipment from Fresh Direct came this morning - I was so excited
For over two years I have 'researched' juice cleanses. I've talked about doing one often, but never actually did it. Today's post was supposed to be my 'end of cleanse' post telling everyone how great I feel and how much lighter and clearer I am....well this is not that post. Instead it's the post when I tell you that I got through three juices and decided I was out....I was supposed to drink six juices per day for three days...I drank three and stopped. I have 15 juices left in my fridge. What a waste of my day and my money.

I was keeping a log on my phone of my thoughts and feelings and it started with:
8 am...feeling ok not juice is alright
And quickly declined to:
10:40 splitting headache....
2:00 (post nap) feel like shit...headache...nauseous...can't put anymore juice in my body.

All the leftover juices - Who wants some?
At 3:30 I went to my dr for pink eye - I drove there and really felt like I should not be behind the wheel. Once I was there, I found my blood pressure to be seriously low and my Dr. questioned me about my reasons for "doing something this stupid" (he's been my Dr. since I was a teenager, he can talk to me like this) and also questioned the lack of fiber in this cleanse (something I didn't really think about).

I will say eventually my headache did subside but that coincided with my decision to put real food in my body, so it may have been my body's way of thanking me.

So here I am a Juice Cleanse failure.
Things I've learned...
* I need to eat. I don't know what possessed me to think I could do this. Yom Kippur is hard enough for me - three days was obviously impossible.
* Maybe doing a cleanse the same week my daughter has strep throat, an ear infection and pink eye (that's where I got it from) was not the best idea. Also, I'm in the midst of taking care of an ear infection for myself and now pink eye and some other things with my own yea, maybe not the best timing.
* Every blog/review/article I read said nothing about what it was like to do this with kids around.  My life revolves around feeding two little people.  I am constantly thinking about what their (our) next meal is going to be.
* Maybe I should have listened when Blueprint said to pre-cleanse for three days.
* Caffeine and I are good friends - maybe I indulge too much but it's not the worst thing.  Also wine and I - yea we're BFFs - it's alright.
* I need to be okay with my body where it is right now - this body produced two people....I need to cut it some slack.
* I need to drink more water - probably the best thing to come out of this failed attempt was that I realized how little water I've been congratulations Blueprint Cleanse - for 150+ dollars you taught me I need to drink water...never heard that one before.

{Sidebar - anyone interested in two days worth of juices, let me know!}


  1. The juices sound like crap but I'll take a box of the chips ahoy!
    Sorry the cleansing didn't go well. I also tried to participate in a cleansing but mine was using teas and an herbal nose spray thing that burned like crazy and made me feel like I had water in my ears for 3 days. I failed at this cleanse mostly because of laziness. The different teas had to be prepared 3 times a day, different teas each day so you had to keep track of which tea was what day. There should really just be a pill for this already.

  2. I wish I lived closer, I would take the juices! Usually a cleanse works best if you have your own juicer that gets the pulp and even skin of the fruit you are consuming. You can also do a cleanse with just water or clear broth. I've seen pics of you and you don't look like you need a cleanse, unless you are just doing it for health reasons. Oh, and there is a pill for that - it's called a laxative! :-)