Friday, May 10, 2013

My Big Return to Work

This September, I will be returning to work after an almost 2 year hiatus to stay home with Alex and Jenna.  I'm very fortunate to have been able to stay home this long and I can say with all honesty that I really enjoyed (and am still enjoying) my time home.  This second leave of absence from work was easier than the first, I was more relaxed being a second time parent and so I was able to enjoy it more.

Our boys are the same age & love each other
But of course my feelings are mixed about returning, so last week I took a trip up to school - a way for me to get my feet wet. Now, I know that the whole work/life balance is going to kill me next year and I know that I'm going to be stressed out and that there will be times when I curse going back to work, but for now, I am okay with it. Maybe even a little excited for the change. Excited to talk about something
other than my kids...excited to be asked for my opinion on something other than sleep and shit....excited to be referred to as something other than Mommy all day...excited to use my very well educated brain in a different way.
Celebrating at Jenna's 3rd Bday

Our three bellies
And there's this thing that I realized during my visit...I work with some great people. I have a lot of friends at work, not just colleagues.  Many of them remember me before Jenna and Alex, some even remember me before Mike (when 'fun Melissa' was out later than 8 pm on a Friday night).  They helped me through a broken heart, celebrated at my wedding, visited my kids when they were first born, been my shoulder to cry on when things suck, and been my phone calls when things go my way.  I was lucky to be pregnant with two of them, so our three boys can grow up together. And even though I've been 'gone' for over a year, it's like I never a good way.

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