Monday, May 6, 2013

A "Yes" Day

Okay, so I am a parent who believes in setting limits.  I believe in the word "no" and sticking to it.  I have on several occasions been the mom who drags her preschooler out of the park literally kicking and screaming because of behaviors that I thought warranted a speedy exit.  I have been the mom who sticks to the threat of no TV or no park.  It's hard to say no, but my gut tells me that she needs limits...and as he gets bigger, so does he.  

But today was a 'yes' kind of day.  

Just say YES!
Mike has an 'event' after work and I'm running solo this evening.  I walked to pick J up at school and she walked home (a 30 minute walk - she's a rockstar).  On our walk, we bumped into her BFF who asked Jenna to go to the park with her.  {Now lately, I've been avoiding the park after school...between the big kids taking over and having to watch both of my kids, I end up feeling frazzled and overwhelmed.  And since she's been walking home, I feel like we get the outdoor time that we need and the exercise.} But today, I said yes.  It was a park further from our house, so if things went sour, I would have a long haul home with potentially two screaming kids.  But yes it was, with the promise that when I told her it was time to leave, that she would not fight me.  She said "I understand Mommy."  

After some good park time with her friend, Alex started to melt.  I told Jenna it was time and she was cool with it. (Maybe there is something to this 'yes' thing).  We went out for a quick dinner.  Yup - just me and the munchkins. I even got them cookies after they ate because they were being that  good. And walked home after smiling with chocolate faces.

I said yes to all of Jenna's requests.  And we had a great afternoon.  Hoping for an early bedtime, but my energizer bunny just said "Wow Mommy I walked a lot today and I'm still not tired!"  What can I do to get this kid to be tired?!?!

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