Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Book Club in Crisis

I have been a member of my book club for almost 3 years - our first meeting was back in September, 2010 and we chose Chris Cleave's Little Bee for our first book. The term Book Club is a bit of a misnomer since discussions of the book typically last 5 minutes or so (except for the time we Skyped with the author, which was kind of cool and definitely had everyone reading the book). We have read a range of books over the years, from Jennifer Weiner beach reads to more intense memoirs. We read "Fifty Shades" before it was what "everyone's mother was doing"and spent one month's book club sewing dresses for an organization called "Little Dresses for Africa."

More important than the books we've read, have been the memories we've shared. We've been meeting monthly since our big kids were one and have celebrated numerous birthdays, pregnancies, moves and life decisions together.  We've laughed, cried, and mostly drank a lot of wine over the past 2+ years. I love these ladies. I love getting out on a Friday night and being able to wear sweats. I love our monthly "book club".  I love their kids. And I love our wine - even when it's boxed.

Now here's our crisis: It seems that the last one of us is going to have her last kid this summer...meaning that we will no longer have a designated driver.  Over the past two years or so, someone has always been pregnant and therefore, the 'mandatory' designated driver.
Nerd Alert! Our book list so far

So unless someone changes their family plans or there's a 'happy accident,' there's no more driver for this club. This is a crisis. We all live in walking distance but in the winter or a rainy night, walking can be annoying (doable, but annoying).  I suppose this fall, we will all have our local cab service on speed dial and be strapping on our walking shoes.

{Sidebar about Fifty Shades : True story: I went to Barnes and Noble in February, 2012, in tow. I asked the woman at Customer Service if they had the Fifty Shades book.  She looked it up...looked at her screen...looked at me and back again.  She then said in a hushed whisper "Do you know that this book is....EROTICA???" I was new baby tired and figured I would just order it on my kindle. I texted Katy, we looked it up and saw what kind of book it was, sent a disclaimer to our book club just notifying everyone of the "sensitive" material....which everyone read and (ahem) enjoyed.  I often wonder if that lovely customer service lady ever  talks about the horny mom who came in looking for erotica before it became so popular.}


  1. 1. Our book club is awesome! It really is

    2. What 80-90 percent if our chosen books were recommended by Melissa she picks the best books!

    3. I. Love that we were 50 shades before it was cool (I need to retread now that I am not 5 months post partum smd have had some sleep)

    3. When I move I hope I can still be in the book club and ill drive you guys home!!!

  2. I never thought of it this way!!! But Harm - thx for offering to be the new DD. God knows it won't be me ;)