Thursday, April 26, 2012

We're off on a European vacation (yes, heading to Europe with two kids in tow and a 6 hour time difference) which I will surely post about when we're back, but right before we left one of our best friends had a baby boy and we're thrilled that our girls and now our boys will be growing up together!

But while I'm away, I know some brand new mommies are now discovering my blog and I think you should start from the beginning when we just had one beautiful baby girl....the posts about two might scare you! Here are a few of my favorites:

  • My breastfeeding experience can be found here
  • Trips vs. Vacations - For mommies (and daddies) thinking about going away with or without baby should read this - Note: I'm not sure what to call this trip to Europe - maybe a 'business trip'
  • Being a Stay at Home Mom & First Steps! - Check it out here
  • Losing the Baby Weight - Rereading this post actually made me feel better about my body now too
  • My Well-adjusted little girl - I just think this post is funny
Catch up on your reading and I'll be posting when we get back!

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