Monday, August 1, 2011

It's ON!

I try really really hard not to be competitive with other moms.
It's really hard because I am an extremely competitive person.

And unfortunately for my daughter and my wallet, my competitiveness has just set in.

You see, lots of J's little girlfriends are potty trained.  J is not. She was doing well at daycare for a while, but now...not so much.

So now it's GAME ON!

I spent the morning at Target and Michael's picking up panties (back to that word in a minute) and incentive items so that we can begin the process.

"Incentive items - arts & crafts crap that I know she'll love
She doesn't like M & M's so I'm going to try Skittles

Based on lots of friends tales of potty and advice, I'm going 'all in' on this one - In a few days, we will be saying goodbye to diapers! And from what I understand, once you say goodbye, there's no turning back.  So I have to mentally prepare myself for this....the mess, the inevitable frustrations, the constant reminders...but I'm ready.
Panties or Underwear??

My biggest dilemma: Do I call them underwear or panties.  J's a little girl - I think the word 'panties' is appropriate - some think it's creepy.  I call women's under garments 'underwear', but something about Dora and Disney screams "panties" to me...Mike thinks that I can call them 'panties,' but he can't because he'll sound like a dirty old man.  Thoughts???


  1. What a lucky girl! It looks like you are making this a really fun process for her. We settled on the word undies since panties seemed sort of weird to me too. Good luck!

  2. I like undies, too. It is neither here nor their on the creepy vs too formal scale.

    I had to also buy plain white underpants. My little guy decided that at some point during the day he was done with, say, Spiderman, and wanted another character. So, he would conveniently have an "accident."

    The rule became, if you have an accident you get white underpants (or plain) for the rest of the day. Now we have incentive to pay attention so we don't have real accidents and we head off phony accidents when we change our style minds halfway through the day.

  3. Good luck!! We just bought some over the weekend, but not sure when we're going to start using them. Since T is a boy, I guess we don't have much of a choice of what to call them...:)

  4. Ick! I hate the word panties! Undies for sure.

    Good luck!!!

  5. Good luck! I tried the all or nothing thing last week and it totally didn't work at all for us. Peanut ended up peeing everywhere and refusing to sit on the potty and I gave up half way through the day because I couldn't take it any more. Totally not what you're supposed to do. In any case, please let me know when you find something that works. Oh, and I would say undies. Panties is totally creepy, IMHO ;)