Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tourist in my Own City!

Oh Blogher...I would have loved to go this year, but several things stopped me:
#1 - I didn't know about until way late in the game
#2 - I'm just a young blogger and don't know if I even deserve to go
#3 - It was in my hometown and what fun is that visiting and partying in the same place I live
#4 - Reality check - hubby was away on business and family was in from way-out of town - me leaving was not an option...

BUT since we had family in from out of town, we got to do some fun tourist-y things that I'm sure the Blogher girls wished they could have done too...

My favorite thing we did this weekend was a boat tour that left from South Street Seaport and went up to the Empire State Building, went around the Statue of Liberty and Governor's Island, and went under the Brooklyn Bridge.  Amazing tour guide telling us all about Manhattan (some stuff even I didn't know!)
I'm going to let the pictures speak for themselves...

I love how pretty Manhattan is...hope all you Blogher ladies had fun!

This was written as part of the Blogher Pity Party hosted by the lovely Life Without Pink.
Why didn't you go to BlogHer '10??


  1. its fun to be a tourist in your own city, but not with 2400 other people. but san diego next year????

  2. That boat ride looks like so much fun - I keep wanting to do a harbor cruise or something like that.

    Mommy ended up going to BlogHer, even though a lot of the items on your list apply to her as well - it was fun, but she feels like she missed out by heading home every night - and it was exhausting "commuting" from our house in Rockland County.

    She's going to try to find a sponsor to head to San Diego, though - we've never been there!