Friday, June 18, 2010

My Birth Story

Two of my friends just had babies...and both had very different birth stories and I love hearing the details of theirs (and anyone else's) here's mine.

My due date was April 2nd.  We moved into our apartment on Tuesday, March 17th.  Wednesday I had a routine Dr. appointment where she so kindly told me "the baby's head is practically coming out your vagina - please stop working" Went to work on Thursday - it was open school night which meant a very late and exhausting night for me and I told my principal that tomorrow would be my last day. My plan was to take the two weeks and set up our new apartment, get unpacked and just relax before the baby's arrival...Oh, plans! Why do we even make them?!!? Worked on Friday and said my goodbyes.

Saturday the cable guy came while my parents and my friend Tara were over to help us unpack (she's a good friend).  Everyone leaves so Mike and I make a shopping list (we have literally NOTHING in the house) and planned to go do a food shopping.  Oh did little baby have other plans for us!
We get in the elevator and I feel wet...very very wet down there.  I look at Mike and I say - something's not normal - I think I just peed on myself only it's not stopping.  My pants were soaked through - went back to our apartment - I head to the toilet and chaos insues. 
Mike makes necessary phone calls: Dr. (who says go to hospital), mom and dad (who head back to us to drive us to hospital), his mom (who gets in her car to come up to NY).  He had to unpack a bag to pack our hospital bag (umm I was supposed to have two more weeks!).  I have him print the Hospital list off the computer and he throws some crap in a bag (does anyone even use the stuff they pack??).

Check into the hospital at 7 pm.  They confirm that my water broke (thank you Captain Obvious!) and they say they're going to induce me - Let me tell you - that was my fear during pregnancy - I was not afraid of natural childnirth or even a C-section - I did not want to be induced.  Well I guess my body agreed.  By the time the meds came up to my room, I was contracting every 5 minutes.  I progressed pretty nicely the next couple of hours.  I was actually impressed with my pain tolerance and got BAD.  I asked for the eipdural and I don't know who was giving it to me but here I was in ACTIVE labor and the med student (I assume) can't find the right spot in my back.  It took 45 minutes to get the damn thing into my back!! That was the most difficult part for me.  From that point on, things went really well, I pushed when they told me to (I couldn't feel much) and I kept telling my hubby that I was a great pusher! And he kept agreeing with me - he's a smart hubby!

And at 5:00 am they put Jenna in our arms.  Am I the only one who still cries when I think back to that moment??  We didn't knw the sex of the baby and we were sure we were having a boy - so when they put this perfect little girl in our arms, it was seriously unbelievable....

This was her 1st photo (with my cell phone, of course)

People say you forget...I hope I never do. It was pretty amazing.

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  1. i love hearing birth stories too. I had a WONDERFUL birth experience with Ella but wound up having an unplanned and complicated C-section with Caitlin, the reasons for which will probably baffle me forever. If we go for a third, I want to try for a completely natural birth, if the OB's will let me.

  2. i love that pic of Jenna. Her smushy nose!