Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Privacy? What's Privacy?

I think that word exited my vocabulary the second I had a baby! I mean even in the hospital, my hoo ha and my boobs were on display for almost everyone to see.  Now a year later with a little girl running around the house - privacy is like a 4 letter word. 

For some reason my daughter loves the bathroom - loves playing with the toilet paper, looking in the shower, opening the sink cabinets...so when I am (ahem) using the facilities, she's right there with me...

Jenna LOVES the bath & the bathroom!

Even in the shower this morning, she was hanging out with Mike, but bee lines it for the bathroom as soon as she hears the water running - and then it becomes a game of peek a boo around the shower doors while I'm shaving my legs (which is a big deal in and of itself!).

When I complained that I have no privacy - Mike's response...well then shut the door all the way! Duh!

Quote o' the Day: Honey, is it okay if I use my electric toothbrush on Jenna? Really?!!?

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  1. .. Seldom.. It is possible to tell, this exception :)