Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Facebook & Mommyhood

Facebook helped me be a better mom....I know that's a pretty bold statement, especially considering I made fun of my husband when he first joined. I mean it's awesome to stalk random people in your life (c'mon we all do it), but it's also been helpful for me with my new role in life.

Anytime I have a question or concern about J, whether it's teething or sleep training, I've made a quick status update asking for some advice....and by the end of the day I have responses...not just from close friends either - from my husband's friend's sister - who advised me to use motrin for teething (AMAZING!), from my cousin in Texas, who told me to make a long distance phone call or listen to music while we let J cry it out (was better than listening to my baby cry), from work friends who have children much older than J (told me about great diaper rash cream). I think most moms will agree - just hearing that other people "feel your pain" and are going through the same thing helps.
I mean it's amazing to see how many people will help you out.

I get updates all the time from BabyCenter and BabyZone telling me what to expect this week in my baby's life - but sometimes I need the help RIGHTNOW!

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